Course Description

Using a practical approach, the course blends theory and practice to help you learn Android development the fastest and most useful way. Every module of the course starts with creating apps using step-by-step instructions. Based on newly acquired knowledge through app development experience, the learner will then find it easy to learn theory and best practices through instructor’s lecture.


Course Goals and Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Create applications running on latest Android platform using Java
  • Apply object oriented programming methodology in app development


Course Outline


Hello Android world

  • Preparing development environment with Android Studio
  • Working with the IDE: Creating project, Source code structure, AVD Manager
  • Basic tasks: Build, Examine error, Create virtual device, Deploy
  • Working with virtual device


 Module 2: 

 Java for Android

  • Java programming language
  • Data types: primitives, string, array
  • Control structure: if, switch, for, do, while
  • Object oriented programming: class, inheritance, polymorphism
 Module 3: 

 User interface

  • Activity: Start with intent object, passing data between activities, life cycle
  • Layout: Relative layout, Linear Layout, TableLayout, GridLayout, ListView, GridView, Adapter
  • View, Widget & Style, Menu
  • Fragment, AppWidget
Module 4:

Alert & Notification

  • Light, Alert, Sound
  • Toast, AlertDialog
  • Display progress dialog
Module 5:

Touch screen & sensors

  • Click, long press
  • Tap, pinch, zoom, swipe
  • Working with Sensors
Module 6:  

Graphics & Animation

  • Scaling down large images
  • Transition animation between screens
Module 7:


  • Play audio using SoundPool, MediaPlayer
  • Taking photo with camera
Module 8:

Location & Geofencing

  • Get location, receive location update
  • Create & monitor Geofence
Module 9:


  • Phone call & call event
  • Handle SMS messages
  • Get data from other web service


Elements of This Course

Tutorial: Every module will start with a step-by-step to create a simple app. The tutorial is designed to help the learner understand better and quicker the content of the following lecture.

Lecture: Provide a systematic and deep knowledge about a topic. The instructor will explain everything in details.

ProjectTo help learners practice and craft necessary skills based on what he has learned, two projects are required to complete, one is midterm project, the other is final project.






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